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IT Solutions for Your Corporate Enterprise

Staying current with advancing technology is critical for businesses that want to remain competitive. NDI helps companies to design, launch and maintain flexible and affordable technology solutions, from system design and implementation to ongoing monitoring and maintenance. We support Fortune 500 and emerging growth companies in industries such as health care, finance, retail, and government. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business work more efficiently, reduce costs, and gain competitive advantages.


  • New Trends in Storage Virtualization

    New Trends in Storage Virtualization
    The days of highly complex and administration intensive storage may well be numbered. Software defined storage has entered the main stage as a result of EMC's announced acquisition of ScaleIO, enhancing their current offerings. Like many of the Israeli start-ups purchased by EMC ScaleIO has successfully commoditized a disruptive technology. ScaleIO's "Elastic Converged Storage"(ECS) aggregates available server storage across multiple platforms create a virtual storage network.
  • Why it’s Time for your Organization to Invest in Technology

    Why it’s Time for your Organization to Invest in Technology
    The financial sector has been front and center of attention during the past five years. It comes as no surprise that implications of the financial crisis have reverberated extensively throughout the economy. Good news is here; financial institutions have substantially recovered to pre-2008 capitalization levels and are well on their way to complying with increased Federal Reserve requirements.